Deadflesh evolved from the ashes of another band (Disembowel) in 1994. 

In the beginning it was Allan (ex-disembowel) and Keld (ex-nations of death, -dominus). 

The first permanent drummer was Lasse, an extremely skilled drummer. We had some old material from the Disembowel-era and with Lasse behind the drums, material could be made faster. 

We made our first recording with this line-up in 1996. On the recording (as well as live), Allan was forced to play the bass. It was recorded in only 16 hours in "Take-One Studio" in Roskilde. First we took 4 tracks from the recording and added a covertrack (Autopsy - Fleshcrawl/Torn from the Womb), a rehearsalroom recording, and made a demotape. 
2 years after we released the whole thing and named the cd: "Unreleased Hate". 

We always had issues in finding a permanent bass-player, thou alot was auditioned. 

In 2002 we went into "Take-One Studio" again and recorded our second cd "Meatcleaver Boogie". Same Line-up, but a different man behind the buttons, and the sound was downright awful. 
As a result "Meatcleaver" was never printed and released! 

We almost didn't play live, and we dried out making new tracks and slowly Deadflesh went into some sort of hibernation. After a few years while nothing happened, Lasse desided to leave Deadflesh. 

But in 2005 Deadflesh was approached by drummer Lars (ex-infernal death, -ill-disposed, -dominus) and about a year later, Krølle (ex-moratorium, -dominus) joined as well on the bass. 

We made material to the third cd with the working title "World War III". This recording was made in "Sound Temple Studio", (same place as take-one) with the same producer as on "Unreleased Hate" and we ended up with a very brutal production! 

Preparations was made to get a cover done and in the meantime we made more tracks! 
We came up with 3 new tracks and recorded them! 

We thought that we just could put these tracks into the "World war III" recording and everything would be fine, but the sound was too different, so we ended up recording everything all over again!

The track "With Fixed Bayonet" featured one of Denmarks most hardcore rapper "Dr. Keiff" and we think the result was spot on!

At the end of recording his drums, Lars desided to drop out of the band and immediately Jimmy (ex-angelic desire) stepped in to fill the gap.
We played live one time in Copenhagen and Krølle left the band.

Deadflesh was joined by Lenny (ex-saturnus, -suspect). Sadly we only got to play live one time with Lenny before he dropped out and moved to Canada!

New material was made, and Deadflesh was joined by the current bass-player: Hell-e. 
Deadflesh ended being a boyband!

Deadflesh started recording the next abomination which will end up featuring 12 tracks.
 The recording are taking place in the rehearsalroom with the band doing everything ourself.

The last drumtrack has been recorded. Jimmy did it like a champ and Hell-e's eardozing bass followed soon after.
Hell-e recorded all twelve tracks over two or three sessions.

Saturday the 21. of March- 2015, Deadflesh had their very first live-performance with HELL-E!
It was as support-act for Act of Cohesion, Dreadlord and Detest at Lygten Station in Copenhagen.
After Infernal Death was laid to rest by their drummer, Guitarist Sune has said yes to "stand-in" for Keld, who has been away alot from the band due to work and moving to another part of the country! 

This year (2015) Deadflesh did their very first festival concert. It was Spirefestival near holbæk and Deadflesh was granted the honor of representing the Death Metal genre at this event! 

As of August 2015 changes has been made in the band. First of all Deadflesh had to let go of Keld, which has co-founded the band with Allan. It was a very sad decision but there was no way around it. 
Because of 21 years of loyal service, a "membership of honor" was invented, so Deadflesh still could enjoy Kelds music in the band, and he still could rehearse with Deadflesh whenever he wants to, without obligations.
Sune who has been a "stand-in" for Keld, was awarded full membership due to this change!

In september Deadflesh had two shows! In Slagelse at Badeanstalten with Six String Slaughter and Poisoner. The first concert with Sune. 
 And the weekend after, in Roskilde at obScene, with Six String Slaughter. It was, as always, great to play in our hometown, and the audience was fantastic.

In the end of January Deadflesh had the big honour of supporting mighty Artillery and Caro at Viften in Rødovre.  The audience was great.

We had the pleasure of Michael Stutzer's Company in our rehearsalroom, where he performed two solos to the track "Betrayer" which will be featured on our coming album. Holy shit that man can play!!!
We really feel honoured that he agreed to help us and we cannot wait for you to hear it!

The first job outside Zealand was as support act to power-metal band "Seven Thorns" in Odense at Kansas City! Not many people but still great to get out and play!

The teaser "Age of Treason" from the coming album was launched at the homepage 25 of april.

Our very first job in Jylland was as support to Norwegian Blood Red Throne at the venue; Konfus in Esbjerg. It was absolutely fantastic performing our set there. We hope to go back there soon.

In May, we had the honour of playing our hometown. At Gimle in their "new" location.

Our first headlining since we started playing live again, was in Vordingborg, at the Birdhouse, where we played with Corpus Mortale for the first time since 2008, and Sublimation who had their debut-concert.

In the end of October, we recieved the final version of "Sic Semper Tyrannis", from Patrick at Wolf Rider Sound Production. We are absolutely thrilled with what he did to our mixes. 

The whole process of making "sic semper tyrannis" took about 3 years, from the very first drumtake, to the time we had the final master from Patrick.

The first gig outside Denmark was in November 2016 where we went to Lubeck in Germany.
Dr. Rock was the place where we played with 2 German bands, Vae Victis and Torture Gut.

In the start of December 2016, Deadflesh performed two days in a row. First in Copenhagen at Stengade, where we played support for mighty 'Dawn of Demise', and 'Bæst'. It was a free concert and the venue was all packed. Audience was fantastic and it was a great experience.
The day after we went to Svendborg where we played at Harder's. There was not that many people but those who were present, was absolutely great. A lot of band played that night, each representing a genre in metal, and all bands did it like champs.

The first concert in 2017 was late January in 'Slagelse' at 'Badeanstalten', where we played with "Satanic Assault Division" and "Justify Rebellion". It is always a pleasure to be playing this location.

In the start of April, at METAL MAYHEM in Frederikssund, we played alongside "XETTIA" and "KforKILL".
It was a small venue and the bands played with backgear only. Nevertheless we had a blast doing this and the audience was really kind and supportive.

The 2nd ever festival gig was at the "Metal Magic Festival part Zero, July 8 2017, and it was a really great experience playing alongside band like "Wasted", "The Nimbwits", "Beheaded" and "Diamond Head". Their new location was nice, and the staff and audience was the greatest and we also got to enjoy some time with good friends. A really great experience.

The first time we played with our new Tyrannis-sidedrops, was 22/9 at Musikcafeen in "Huset i Magstræde", Copenhagen, where we played as support for "LIVLØS".

Once again, in the start of October  we travelled to Odense to play at Kansas City.
This time we played with "Arsenic Addicts" (who played their debut-koncert),the thrash metal band;  "Impalers" and a very big crowd, compared to last time we played Kansas.
 It was a very great experience and we really enjoyed it.

The 23. of november we played in our hometown at the Gimle location. We played alongside the bands Shadowspawn and The Petulant. We had our brandnew backdrop behind us when we played our second-last show of 2017. There was alot of our good friends that showed up to support the show, even thou it was on a Thursday. 

In mid December 2017, we played for the first time on the island of Bornholm. The location was Musikhuzet in Rønne, and we had a really great time. We had some awesome photos taken by our very good friend Kaspar, who showed us the most beautiful places on Bornholm. The show marked our very last in 2017.

2018 started with a blast. january 20. Deadflesh travelled to Aalborg to play alongside "Act of Cohesion" and "Heidra", at Platform 4. It was a really great experiense for the band.

 March 27. was a peak in Deadflesh history, as the band travelled to Copenhagens 'Pumpehuset' to play in front of the biggest audience so far. It was as opening act and support for mighty Obituary and Exmortus. It was a great experience.

Not long after Deadflesh were selected to be among the 10 Danish metal-bands competing for a spot on the German Wacken Festival.

In late April, Deadflesh attended the Springtime Slaughter event at Forbrændingen in Albertslund.
We played with 'Shadowspawn', 'Prevail' and 'Baest'. There was a big crowd and everybody seemed to 
enjoy the evening. 

Next up was the "Wacken Open Air" Metal Battle 2018, competition and the very first round took place at Badeanstalten in Slagelse. Deadflesh got to be the first band on stage, followed by Hadron, Ethereal Kingdoms and Genfærd. each representing a different style of metal. In the end of the evening Genfærd was elected to be the band of the day.

Two days after Deadflesh played at the Dark Mental Festival at Underwerket in Valby alongside Genfærd again. Also bands like Hexenizer from Germany and UADA from US participated.

Then came the second round in WOA Metal battle for Deadflesh, which also was the last round before the final. It was at Konfus in Esbjerg and Deadflesh played as the last band that evening, except for a local act who played while the jury found the four lucky bands that went on into the final.
Deadflesh was elected to be the band of the day, and won that round, but unfortunately we didn't go on to the final. The four finalist was our friends in Genfærd, Xenoblight, Pudsige Herrer and Ethereal Kingdoms. (in the finale at Pumpehuset, Xenoblight from Silkeborg won the competition).

Next thing to come would be the Heavy Agger Festival in Jylland.

19/5  once again the band went to Jutland to play at HEAVY AGGER FESTIVAL. it was the second and last day of the festival. It was a really great time and people was as always in Jutland, Phenomenal.