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We are on the prowl for a new rehearsal-room. We haven't been a long time in our current rehearsal- but the owner have sold the building. There's a couple of places we have to explore before deciding where the next Flesh-Headquarter will be! That's a little setback in our plans but there's also some great and exciting news for the future coming,  that we hopefully can share with you soon. Stay tuned Fleshlings...


We are very sorry that we have to cancel our show at Gimle with Lotan. Due to our drummer suffering from severe backpain we have to throw in the towel. It is with very short notice but there's no way around it! We hope that our Skullbasher soon will be free of pain, so we can start pulverising stages again.


As the tradition demands we have added our Christmas track; "Merry Fleshmas" to the Fleshplayer! 

You can listen to this abomination the whole month of December!! Ho Ho Ho

Fleshlings that wants to sing along... well here's the lyric:


When Raindeer's noses glowing

Confront your deepest fear

And Christmas trees are burning

For it is that time of year


So take your Christmas greetings

And shove 'em up your HO HO HO

Trespassing Rudolph on the roof

Will make you suffer

No matter if you've been Naughty or Nice




Once again we are going to play Gimle in Roskilde. It will be January 21. 2023. This time on the "Loke's Kælder" stage! We are going to play with our Brothers in Shadowspawn and with Lotan. Hope to see alot of Fleshlings there!!! In the EVENTS-section you can click the picture and secure your ticket!


It was fantastic to be headlining the Gimle gig in our hometown Roskilde. A BIG Thank you to Shadowspawn, Six String Slaughter and Deiquisitor who all killed it on stage! Also a great Thank you to the Crew at Gimle, Sound- and Lightmanager. And off course all the great people that showed up to support the event! 


photo: Martin Boesvang.

This weekend we travelled to play Tornvang Open Air festival at Djursland! It was a very great experience, and we had an insanely motivated crowd in front of us!!! We really couldn't ask for more to Rasmus' live-"baptism" in Deadflesh!  Thanks to all in front and behind the scene!!!


NEXT ASSAULT will be "Gimle" in Roskilde with Shadowspawn, Six String Slaughter and Deiquisitor!!

check it out in the EVENT-section and buy your ticket by clicking the event!!!


We are working hard in the rehearsal room to be ready for our forthcoming shows! Things are going quite well in the Flesh-camp at the time! We haven't played live since the start of Corona so we are really looking forward to this! Our first gig will be at "TORNVANG OPEN AIR" in Djursland DK!!! (NOT MANY TICKETS LEFT, SO HURRY UP) Hope to see you there!!!


You can now purchase the 4-way split cd, released through "Guts And Blood Records", featuring DEADFLESH-DK, WAYWARD DAWN-DK, HERETICS-DE, HERETICS-S.

 Check it out in our MERCHANDISE-section!!!


We got another gig coming up! Tornvang Open Air '22. We will be playing alongside bands like; Demolizer, HOAK, Archangel and Bad Business, just to name a few! More info about this is coming!!!


We have a gig at Gimle, Roskilde DK, September 3rd. We will be playing with; Shadowspawn, Six String Slaughter and Deiquisitor. We have a new Album, a new Lead-Guitarist and we are ready to Destroy.... We hope to see you there!!!


Finally it is here! "The Fifth Assault" are now available in CD format! Jump over to the MERCH-ENARY section to get your copy!!!



We in the Fleshcamp want to wish you and your dearest a Merry Christmas!

We have some news regarding our coming album in a couple of days! 

As a tradition you can hear our X-mas track "Merry Fleshmas" in the FLESHPLAYER!

Take care Fleshlings.....


We are in the process of shipping our latest album "The Fifth Assault" to record labels that we want to work with, and we imagine could be interested in releasing it! 

Stay tuned Fleshlings for more about this!


  • Studenterhuset , Odense 2019.


Check out our new teaser from the track; 42 (The Answer Is War) in the FLESHPLAYER.

 New Merch have been added to the MERCH-ENARY section!


Arne from U-SIF Studio are working very hard to do the last tracks on "The Fifth Assault". 

The sound reflects maximum killing, and it's going to be an absolutely insane production. 

The best ever for Deadflesh. 

We can't wait to present it to you, dear Fleshlings, so head over to the Fleshplayer and get a sneakpeak

of the track; The Prodigal Sun!!!


It is with the greatest pleasure that we now can reveal the title and artwork for our coming album!

The title will be "The Fifth Assault". The artwork is a painting made by Christopher Williams, depicting the 38th. Welsh Division's immensely brutal fight against the Prussian Elite Lehr Regiment in the battle for Mametz Wood in North Western France, July 1916. We are almost finished recording the instruments in U-SIF studio, and then the growl will be added as soon as possible! The sound is going to be killer and we are having a really great time working with our very good friend Arne Lunde as producer!!

Hope you enjoy the cover as much as we do!!!


Helle and Rasmus have now finished their jobs on the coming album, so now only Allan need to do his rythm on the tracks and ofcourse the growling. When this have been achieved, Arne Lunde from U-SIF studio have to melt it all down to a finished album! Hopefully soon we can put a teaser up for you!

Stay tuned Fleshlings....


We have now finished recording the drums for our coming album!

This time we chose to work with "Unique Sound Image Factory" studio, with our good friend Arne Lunde

as the producer. It's going to be killer and we cannot wait to get the rest done!


It is with the greatest pleasure that we now can inform you that we finally have found the right person to play the leadguitar in Deadflesh. We really look forward to play in front of an audience with Rasmus (ex. XETTIA) on our side. Holy crap that man can play that guitar and he writes great riffs too.

We are expecting the soli on the coming album to be KILLER!

Stay Tuned Fleshlings…..


Today we want to wish you and your loved ones the most fantastic X-mas!!

In the flesh-camp we have a wellearned timeout from making material for our coming baby, to spend with our families. Check out our X-mas track we added to the fleshplayer-section.

Take care Fleshlings…..


We are finally ready to get the right 4. person aboard in Deadflesh. We have put up adds

on the social medias and we must now await the right person to spot it and grab the opportunity!

Meanwhile, we won't hesitate going forward with the making of our coming album, and if we

don't get a leadguitar on position in time, we have a lot of talent outside the band we can get help from and who knows what we want! Stay tuned Fleshlings…

We have been busy moving around in our rehearsalroom, and getting things done. We are now in writing-mode and quite long in the process of making material for a new album. So far things looks to be Killer, and we can't wait to present this for you. A couple of tracks more and we will enter a studio and start to record the drums. Info about which studio we have picked to work with will come asap.

So stay tuned Fleshlings!


We have after almost 5 years with Sune on the Lead-guitar position, realised that our paths had to seperate! It has to be emphasized that it happened after mutual desire, without any tears or bloodshed! We have sinced Sune joined the band been more on the road than ever and we can thank him for having a great part in this undertaking.

It is equally important to mention that coming out of the rehearsalroom is still an important thing for us, so you have not seen the last of Deadflesh because of this divorce! We will now focus 100% on creating material for a new album, due to our 2020 plan!

Everything has its time, and we wish all the best for Sune in the future!!!


Saturday 21. of September we sat the sails for VÆRKET Vejle, Denmark.

We were playing with our very good friends in Obskura from Schleswig Holstein, and a local

Thrash Metal band; Persecutor. We had a blast of a time doing this, and the audience were

absolutely fantastic!!! This was the last planned show for 2019, and we will now concentrate

on making material for a new album! 


14. sep. we had the honor of playing at the RAISE YOUR HORNS festival at Bornholm, Denmark.

We had a really good time playing this venue alonside great bands like; Blood Red Throne,

Egonaut, Thorium and Livløs, just to mention a few.


Next gig will be at the RAISE YOUR HORNS festival (Bornholm) th. 14. September.


We had a great time attending and playing at this years Metal Magic Festival in Fredericia.

We played very early in the day and it was about hundred degrees, but the audience was fantastic and in the mood for MetaL. We hope to be back at Metal Magic in the future.

Pictures from our concert can be seen in the PHOTOS-section. Thanks to everybody that attended this great festival and offcourse everyone that supported Deadflesh on stage.

This weekend (June 15.) we should have played in Berlin/Germany, but due to personal

circumstances we had to sit this one over. We really hate to cancel shows, but unfortunately

there was no way around it. So next gig will be at the Metal Magic Festival in July.


The poster for the Metal Magic Festival 2019 are now uploaded in the

EVENTS section. We are really looking forward to be returning to this



This weekend we played shows in Copenhagen and Odense.

Friday the 3. of May, we played at BETA in Copenhagen as support for Dawn of Demise, and we

had a blast of a time doing so. Thanks to all involved in letting us play this venue at a sold out

BETA, the sound/light managers and the great staff. It was a short notice gig so most of the

audience had bought their ticket, expecting to see Blood Eagle instead of Deadflesh. Despite that

they gave us a fantastic response and for that we are very grateful!!!

Saturday the 4. of May, it was Studenterhuset in Odense, where we alongside our good friends in

The Tombless supported Obskura from Schleswig Holstein/Germany. Always a BIG pleasure for

us to play with Tombless and Obskura. Thanks to Metal Mekka, Studenterhuset, The soundguy etc.

for the greatest service a band could ever wish for. Nice staff and a great and responsive audience.

It was a pleasure!!!

We are having our first job in 2019 in beautiful Aarhus.

The 26. of January we will participate in the MONO GOES METAL festival.

We hope to see alot of Fleshlings there.

In the end of November, we played our very last show for 2018.

It has been a great year for Deadflesh, and we have been around and met all the best people.

We had the pleasure of playing in Germany 3 times, we had the honor of being selected to attend the "Wacken Metal Battle" competition, we played support for mighty Obituary in Copenhagen, the best festivals, and our music was launched digitally through Gateway Records.

We have plans for 2019, and when the time is right, you'll be the first to know them.

Have a merry Christmas and a happy New-Year. Take care Fleshlings...

Check out our Christmas-track "Merry Fleshmas".

Deadflesh - Merry Fleshmas.

ho ho ho

Du skal have Flash Player for at kunne se dette.


The MERCHANDISE-section have been updated!


For all you Fleshlings that have been waiting patiently for a digital copy of Sic Semper Tyrannis.

The waiting is over!!!

Click the link and head over to your preferred digital merchant.


Finally they are here! Check our brand new Hunting Caps in the MERCHANDISE-section.

Also you can now hear a couple of tracks from our debut-album; "Unreleased Hate" in

the FLESHPLAYER. Take care Fleshlings.

New dates have been added to the EVENTS-section

and the PRESS INFO has been updated.


Congratulations to Xenoblight who won the W.O.A. Metal Battle finale in Copenhagen.

We wish them the best of luck and a great journey when they'll go to Germany, to represent

Denmark at Wacken Open Air 2018. 


Holy crap we had a great time playing at HEAVY AGGER FESTIVAL 19/5.

Thanks to all the great people that attended. All the bands that played;

Encyrcle, Slægt, Svartsot, Xenoblight, Konvent, Iron Angel, Sylvatica and Evil Invaders.

Also a great THANK YOU goes to the whole Agger-crew for letting us play at "The Black Houses".

photo: Ture Borring.


11/5 we participated in the very last round of W.O.A. Metal Battle Denmark 2018, that took place at Konfus in Esbjerg. We played alongside; Nordsind, Isbjorg and Beneath the Silence. We had the big honor of being awarded "the band the evening", but unfortunately we didn't make it to the final.

A big CONGRATULATION goes to the four bands; GENFÆRD, ETHEREAL KINGDOMS, PUDSIGE HERRER and XENOBLIGHT that went on to the final, which will take place at Pumpehuset in Cph. th. 26. of May.

We really enjoyed to participate in this battle, and we want to thank all the audiences that came out to see the bands. The jury; Kasper Molin, Dea Lillelund, Adriana Zak, Jacob Dinesen and Søren Weis.

Devilution, Blast Beast and everyone else involved.

photo: Adriana Zak.

28/4, we played at the Dark Mental Festival at Underwerket in Valby. A big THANK YOU goes to all who came and supported the event. Thanks to the booker, crew, all the great bands, Metalsirenerne and Jimmi Brandt Fotos.

26/4-18 We went to Slagelse, 'Badeanstalten' to attend the very first round of "W.O.A Metal Battle", and we were the first band on stage. It was a great experience to play alongside; Hadron, Ethereal Kingdoms and then Genfærd who won the first round with their furious and brutal Black Metal.

SPRINGTIME SLAUGHTER was a really great experience for us. Thank you to the fantastic audience

who came and supported this event. It was a pleasure to play alongside 'Shadowspawn', 'Prevail' and 'Baest'. Also a big thank you goes to, Forbrændingen and Merch Fabrikken.

Photo: Bransholm Photography.

Here we are playing at ROYAL METAL FEST 2018 in beautiful Aarhus.

It was a really great experience for us to attend this event.

Even thou it was the second and last day of the festival, and we played early,

there was quite alot of people. Thanks to everyone involved, we really had a great day!!!

photo: Martin Boesvang.

We had a blast supporting Obituary in Pumpehuset 27/3-18

Thanks alot to those awesome people showing up to the event, Thanks to our crew, Pumpehuset,

Obituary, Exmortus and last but not least, Livenation for giving us the opportunity.

Livephotos from this event have been added to the PHOTOS-section.

A nice picture with the fantastic crowd. 

Photo: Jimmi Brandt Fotos

A live-video of us performing "Return from Oblivion" at Platform 4 in Aalborg, have been

added to the VIDEOS-section.


We are proud to announce that we have been chosen to be a part of

"Wacken Open Air" Battle 2018.

You can check out the dates and venues Deadflesh are playing in the EVENTS-section.


We have the big honour of being the supportband opening for mighty "Obituary" and "Exmortus"

when they'll destroy Pumpehuset in Copenhagen, Marts 27.

Check out our coming shows in the EVENTS-section, more will be added.


We had a blast playing in Aalborg at Platform 4, January 20.

A big hail to "Act of Cohesion" and "Heidra". All the people that showed up to

support the event. "Platform 4" and "Aalborg Rock og Metal".

Our first gig in 2018 will be januar 20. in Aalborg at Platform 4, where we will be sharing

the stage with; Heidra and Act of Cohesion.


New events has been announced for 2018.

Check out our X-mas track in the Fleshplayer.

Also new hats has arrived in the MERCHANDISE-section.

December 16. 2017, we had the big pleasure of playing at MUSIKHUZET in Rønne, Bornholm.

It was the last show for Deadflesh in 2017.

We had a great trip and a good time with new and old friends.

Here we are at the world famous; Hammershus, which is located at the Northern tip of the island.

photo by Kaspar Ravn. 

The Merchandise-section has been updated with our new stuff!


We would like to say thank you to all the good people that showed up at 'Gimle' yesterday.

We always love to play in our beautiful hometown.

A big 'thank you' to Shadowspawn and The Petulant for sharing the stage with us.

Also a big thank you goes to the crew at Gimle.

Here we are posing with the very first drummer of Deadflesh; Lasse.

Thanks to all who came out to support us on "Allan's Hegn", Forbrændingen in Albertslund.

on 4/11.2017. Thanks to Allan, "Abscission" and "Livløs".

We now only have 3 shows left in 2017. Check 'em out in the event-section.

6I10-2017, we had a blast playing at Kansas City in Odense.

We want to thank Kansas City and crew, Metal Mekka,

Arsenic Addicts, Impalers and of course an absolutely

fantastic audience.

Thank you so much for a great time!!!

We have some new gigs coming up.

Check 'em out in the EVENTS section!

This weekend we had the big honour of playing at the "Metal Magic" Festival part Zero

in Fredericia, and we had a really great time doing this.

A really great festival with a good location, a great bandservice, soundmanager

and the very best audience.

We want to thank everyone who supported us there, u are the best!!!

"SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS" is now available in the merchandise section!

We have a gig at the Mighty "Metal Magic" Festival.

We will be Playing Saturday 8. July at the GENERALEN stage.

Hope to see you there!


Soon the waiting is over and you can get our new album; Sic Semper Tyrannis.

Stay tuned!


This weekend we played in Frederikssund at "Elværket" with 'XETTIA' and 'KforKILL'.

The audience was fantastic, and we had a great time doing this


We have a new event in april at METAL MAYHEM,

and the Fleshplayer have been updated with 2 tracks from our coming album;

'Sic Semper Tyrannis'. We hope you'll enjoy them.


Finally the 'merchandise section' has been activated. It's primitive, but at least

it's now possible to obtain our merchandise, when we are not on the road.


January 28., We played at 'Badeanstalten' in Slagelse,

with Satanic Assault Division and Justify Rebellion.


We are now finished with all gigs for 2016 and we want to say thank you to all the bands we've played with through the year, to the venues and ofcourse a BIG thank you to all the people that have showed up and supported the events.

In the Fleshplayer you can hear our own X-mas track "Merry Fleshmas".

Have a nice Christmas and New Year. Take care Fleshlings.


December 16. and 17. will be the last two concerts we will play, in 2016.

Friday 16. will be in Kolding at; Godset, where we will play with "Mantra" and "Killing Gandhi".

The day after we will go to Odense at; Posten, where we will be supporting "Artillery" and "Caro".


December 2. and 3. we played in Stengade (Cph) and Harder's (Svendborg).

There is a first time for anything, and this time, it was the first time for playing two days in-a-row.

The audience was fantastic in both locations.


Novenber 26. Once Again we had the pleasure of playing in our hometown, this time at the venue; ObScene, with the Trash Metal band; Poisoner. The audience was absolutely great as always.


November 12. we went to Germany, to perform at the venue Dr. Rock in Lubeck.

It was our first gig outside Denmark.

We played with 2 German bands; Vae Victis and Torture Gut.

We hope to play alot in Germany in the future.


posters from ancient gigs have been added to the event-section.


November 7. we had "like" number 666 on facebook. ,O)


All lyrics to the "Sic Semper Tyrannis" album have been added in the Lyric-section.

a little add-on to our history also. Cheers Fleshlings.


In the near future we will set up a section with available merchandise.

T-Shirts, Hats, CD's, Stickers, Mugs, Coffins, Toothpaste.

...Well, maybe not Coffin's and Toothpaste, but what a Death Metal band SHOULD have! ,0)


Some new gigs has been announced in the event-section.

Finally we can reveal to you the artwork for our coming album. The title is "Sic Semper Tyrannis".

We have been working quite awhile on this album, it is about 3 years since we recorded the drums in our rehearsal-room. And very very soon the album are going to be printed. We are very proud that we have done everything ourselves, except mastering, for which we picked Patrick from Wolf Rider Studio. Hope you like it!!!!


May 27. we headlined in the Birdhouse in Vordingborg, Support-act was Corpus Mortale which we haven't played with since 2008 and Sublimation, Who had their debut-concert that day.


5th. of may, we were playing in our hometown Roskilde Again. The venue was Gimles "new" location.


Our first job in Jylland, was in Esbjerg as support to Norwegian BLOOD RED THRONE. Location was Konfus. A very cool venue and the audience was one of the greatest we've ever performed for. THANKS ALOT Esbjerg, You Rock!!!


So finally it is here!!! The longwaited Teaser for our new album.

We have chosen the track "Age of Treason" for you!

Head over to the FLESHPLAYER section to hear it!

Hope you'll enjoy!!!


The rest of the World War III lyrics have been added!

Unreleased and Meatcleaver will follow soon!


a portion of the world war III tracks have been added to the brandnew

lyric section. Soon more will follow!


New gig in Roskilde announced in our event-section. We Always love to play

In our hometown.


Soon we will create a whole new section, where you can check out Deadflesh lyrics from

all our tracks. Stay tuned!


We are working on the last details of our coming album!

The cover are also quite far in the process.

We cannot wait to share it with you.


We had the great honour of supporting mighty Artillery alongside Caro at Viften in Rødovre

, 29/1-16. We had a great time doing this job and the audience was great. We hope to be playing at Viften again in the future!


We have some serious gigs coming up, check 'em out in the eventsection! We hope that 2016 will be

a killer-year for Deadflesh with many concerts and the release of our new album!

Take care Fleshlings!


We hope that you had a merry fleshmas and a happy new year!


Ho ho ho! Head over to the fleshplayer section and listen to our Christmas track!

Merry Fleshmas to all!


Vocals have been recorded and are being scrutinized at the moment to pick the right

takes for our coming album. Sune and Keld will be next to record their solo-parts


The guitars has now been recorded to the coming album.

Now we only need the solo's and growl.


Things are going quite well in Deadflesh at the moment.

We have fulfilled our goals regarding concerts this year and what comes from now on, are considered bonus. The coming album are approaching fast and you will soon be able to hear a teaser in the Fleshplayer section. So stay tuned Fleshlings and take care.


It is with sadness that we have to announce that we have decided to let go of Keld. As a founding member of Deadflesh and after 21 years of loyal service, Keld now holds a lifetime "member of honor" status in Deadflesh! So what does that mean? Well, first of all it means that Keld is relieved of his duties and has no obligations to the band! However he can still contribute with music and riffs, on a scale that he sees fit, and he is welcome to rehearse with the band whenever he wants to! You could call it "retirement with privileges"! Afterall, 21 years DOES count for something and it is very important to emphasize that the change are done in good understanding and because of what serves the best interests of Deadflesh! A big "Thank You" goes to Keld for the time and efforts invested in the band! You will always be in our music and hearts!!!

At the same time we can announce that Sune also had his status changed from "Stand-in" to full member! So from now on Sune will be conducting the solos in live-situations!

Regarding the coming album, both Keld and Sune will contribute with solos!


We would like to thank all those great people that showed up at spirefestivalen!

It was a great honor representing the Death Metal genre on this beautiful location!

Thanks alot!!! 


After the drummer desided to end the life of Infernal Death, Sune

had some spare time and have said yes to "stand in" for Keld.

We would like to welcome Sune to the ranks of Deadflesh!

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